Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Brake Pad For Cars

Today I want to bring some unique things to your knowledge; you all must have faced excessive noise or vibration when braking, to avoid this, take out the pads and measure check the measure on the brake pads check the tapering, chamber, insulating plates with half moon cut out, do ensure that the brake pads should not be pressed evenly to the brake disc when braking. By doing this it will prevent the pads being billed by the brake disc which will eventually stop the noise and uneven ware.

The brake pads affected can be distinguished by a marking on the rare of the pads, this marking consist of an arrow which indicated the running direction of the brake disc during forwards travel.

Do remember that the brake pads with a specific running direction are fitted on the front axle of the vehicle,

Such brake pads with all instruction can only be sourced from a Geneon part maker or a quality oem, brake pad supplier.

Always use the Geneon OEM stuff for your cars or source brake pads from a quality supplier like WELTAKE.