Friday, 8 March 2013

China Made Ball Bearings

The Chinese subcontinent was once a self-sufficient country that did not deal with any other countries expect itself for trade of goods and services, in other words it did not indulge in any imports or exports that did not have any foreign impact on its balance of payments and hence the GDP remained unchanged from any things going out or coming into their country. But for some valid reasons it realized that this decision is a negative one; both for the country itself and the outer world as well; as the people of China and the external world as well are being deprived of the various services that are being developed and refurnished everyday!

Some products that they started to import and export (world trade) were largely related to mechanical and technical stuff. They started to copy the materials manufactured in the outside world (as they called it) and tried to make the same thing in the least possible prices. At first the things did not go as planned by the supervisors; but then gradually, the experts started learning from their mistakes and everything they made was about the same quality as its original Sibling!

China ball bearings and mechanical parts for vehicles were also part of the same positive-conspiracy!

The people benefited from all parts of the world; not only the Chinese but the foreigners who were deprived of lesser priced goods of the same quality were also blessed with some china ball bearings and suspension parts thanks to the trade permissions.