Monday, 11 March 2013

It’s Simple Then Why Waist 250$ to Your Mechanic?

Money you will Saved: About 250$ for most cars and much more for luxury or performance cars
Time required: About 1 hour.

Tools Required: Gloves to protect your hand
Mask to product u from deadly dust
Jack and jack stands
Lug Wrench
C-Clamp or length of wood to pull or retract brake piston
Turkey boaster for drawing brake fluid
Plastic tie. Bungee cord or a wire like string

Material required:
New Brake pads from high performance brake pad suppliers
Can of brake fluid- Go through the owner’s manual to check the proper type to be used

Loosen the nuts on the wheels
Then jack up the car and place a jack and jack stand
remove the wheel
Find the two side bots that holds the caliper in place and remove it
Retract the piston this will loosen up the caliper and pads
Remove the brake pads
Retract the piston a bit more
Slide in the new ones
And bold the caliper back
Now take the air out by bleeding the brake oil
Good to go