Monday, 25 March 2013

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Motorcycles are notably risky and riders must put safety first. It does not matter if it's your first time on the back of a bicycle, motorcycle, or the fifth, no one can predict when an accident occurs. A helmet must always be used to guard the head from injury. DOT means dep. While buying a helmet, make sure to verify the DOT label on the back.

Get a helmet on your head, and your head must be around these statistics - DOT studies specify that the percentage of riders wearing helmets dropped 13% in the last four years, up to 58 pc of the riders. Despite representing only 2% of traffic on our roads, motorcycles are concerned in 10% of all traffic accidents. Filled foam to protect your head. The foam is designed to help absorb and spread the shock of hitting the ground. While some riders may go for 'skull' look, those do not meet DOT standards and impact is not very useful at the time.

Here is a long list to ensure that you are buying a real helmet DOT license. It can be found on the back cover down. Check the tag should be fresh and not played with.

Helmet supplier suggests that you should go through all the above mentioned points before you make your purchase.