Friday, 22 March 2013

USA Dream Cars Without Brake Pads

Every day I look for new opportunities as every day is a new day for new thing currently I am working on an electric sports car and looking for some manufactures related to auto parts,

The project I am working on is building cars which resembles super cars and work like an electric one, a complete hybrid which will be fast along with the perfect fuel economy, I have assembled some fiber body kits on different chassis like one or MR2 chassis and now working on the economy and power of the car, like Engine, gear and other Auto mechanical stuff, among all the hardest part is to develop a good break system for the car. although I will procure the ABS beside ABS, lining and cylinder kits I am also looking for a Gen-eon brake pad supplier who can provide me the best quality ceramic brake pads for the high performance cars.

For this I am trying different B2BS but afraid that I could not find a good supplier on whom I can trust and place the order. Hope that soon I will build my dream come true.