Friday, 1 March 2013

Green, Blue Fog Lights Are Much Better Than White Fog Lights.

Auto bulbs are one of the most important features when purchasing a car. This feature is responsible for the safety of the driver and his family. Auto bulbs supplier provide bulbs for all kind of vehicles and all kind of purposes. In a vehicle many types of auto bulbs are used like head lights, tail lights, fog lights etc. fog lights is one of the most added extra feature installed in the cars. All over the world different climatic changes are experienced and after dark driving can be a little dangerous. To overcome this problem fog lights are used.

In some vehicles fog lights are installed as a complimentary feature but majority companies do not install this feature. Fog lights are high density lights fitted below the headlights to give the driver a better view of the road. Yellow fog lights are preferred nowadays over white fog lights as yello tint cuts through the fog as white light increases the brightness of the fog.