Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Precautions For Brake Pads

One of the key parts in an automobile is a brake pad as it is responsible for stopping the vehicle from any accidental mishap. People while buying a car always consider the top speed that the car would provide on the road but they must also think about the brake system. Brake pads are the main component of the braking system and are solely responsible for the stopping of the vehicle. In some vehicles the disc brakes are located in the front two wheels or sometimes on all the four wheels. Disc brakes contain the brake pads that apply pressure to the pads hydraulically forcing them to squeeze the rotor instead of a cable. The friction caused by the brake pads and the disc brakes slows the rotor down causing the vehicle to stop. Brake pad suppliers supply good quality brake pads so they do not wear out quickly. Sometimes the car needs to be stopped immediately at high speeds and worn out pads can have a negative impact causing accidents. That’s why the user must keep checking the brake pads for signs of any damage or squealing produced by the pads and must change them immediately. Sticking of the brake pedal or grinding of the brakes is the biggest sign that the brake pads need to be changed and when good brake pads are installed the driver also feels relaxed as less force is required to push the pedal