Wednesday, 20 March 2013


HID xenon conversion kits are very easy to install but there are so many complications involved along with that ease. HID xenon conversion kits always include an installation manual which imprints the instructions for installation. It is preferred that you consult a technician or professional person who could perform installation. Still if you want to install it by yourself and you think that you have enough knowledge about the technical aspects of installing HID conversion kits then you can follow these guidelines, which will help you in successful installation and avoid any adverse circumstances that could incur because of bad installation.

1. Make sure that you have complete kit available rather retrofitting bulbs.

2. Make sure to use appropriate ballast which could be supported by the battery.

3. AC ballasts are more preferred.

4. You have to make some holes in the headlamp to fix the lamp.

5. You must use Crystal headlamp rather the plastic or halogen compatible headlamp cover which is not that much heat sufficient.

6. Make sure to tape and fix any open wiring exposed to you.

7. Align the light according to the level adjusted to view road not the sky.

8. More focused on road beam will avoid chances of accidents and also be better for oncoming traffic.

9. Do not use bulbs that produce glare and could make hinder for oncoming traffic.