Thursday, 21 March 2013

Dual-Power Bicycles: Electricity and Man-Power Combined

A normal bicycle equipped with an electric motor to assist in the movement of the vehicle. It is an all purpose bikes which are use for travailing and also for recreational purposes. The maximum power of the motor that can be installed in the bike is 750 watts and they have a top speed of around 20-25 miles per hour.
Usually all the electric powered bikes are of similar specifications with slight variations, but some may exceed in terms of power. Electric powered bike can be built on customized orders as well. People can decide what parts they want to place on their bike.

They are usually powered by a rechargeable battery which on average has a backup of 22 miles, before it needs to be charged again. However, again this range is dependent on several independent factors such as the weight of the rider, terrain, wheel size. Another advantage of these electric motor bicycles is that you don’t need to have a license to drive them around. Not only are the highly efficient, but they can reduce the journey time as you can easily avoid traffic jams by maneuvering.
All in all, these bikes are excellent green mode of transportation which not only saves time but also saves money.