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Buying A Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

Whether you are shopping for a used Chevy truck or Volkswagen sedan, there is a huge difference between buying simple used versus buying a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. When cars are built new, they are all the same in that they have the same sticker price, same mileage, and come in the same, non-abused condition. However, three years later, because of different owners and styles of driving and manners of maintenance, each car winds up irrevocably changed. Buying pre-owned then is much about making sure you know what these changes mean to the car, and buying a vehicle that is Certified Pre-Owned can help.

What is a Certified Pre-Owned?

Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are used cars that have been thoroughly inspected, refurbished, and certified by the vehicle’s manufacturer, dealer, or another certifying authority.

Which is better- manufacture-certified or dealer-certified?

When buying a pre-owned vehicle, like a used Chevy, it is much better to find one that has received the manufacturer-certified stamp of approval. This is because the major manufacturers have higher expectations of pre-owned vehicles, submitting them to more rigorous testings as they, more so than dealers, have more to lose should a car be found unsafe, unstable, or otherwise unsatisfactory.

Certified Pre-Owned warranties

Besides having the comfort of knowing your soon to be vehicle has gone through rigorous testing, a great benefit of buying a Certified Pre-Owned vehicles lies in the warranties. Unlike generally bought used cars that offer no warranties and are come as they are, go as they will, Certified-Pre Owned vehicles often feature extended warranties. These extended warranties can cover everything from just the powertrain to complete, bumper-to-bumper coverage. When researching your next pre-owned vehicle, discover what the manufacture and/or dealer offer in terms of coverage.

Researching Certified Pre-Owned vehicles

It is easier than ever to shop around for Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. Because these vehicles have gone through certification, the car buyer can simply look through various dealer and national websites to compare prices and program tools. Eager for a used Chevy with low mileage and an extended warranty? Begin the search from the comfort of your own home and see for yourself how extensive its inspection was and what the exact details of its manufacturer’s or dealer’s service contract are.

You can, and should, still haggle

Just as you can with a new car, and just as you can with that general used car, you can haggle the price of any Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. The first step in getting the price you want is to know the history and expectations of the used vehicle in question. With Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, the buyer itself can have direct access to all of the vehicles information, including service records and general wear and tear. This often gives the buyer a leg up in negotiation, as the finer details are all up for debate.

Buying a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle can be the best choice for the car buyer. It is a great compromise between buying new, which while the car is guaranteed and in great condition, it can also be exorbitantly expensive, and buying simply used with no guarantees or knowledge of how the car might react. Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are vehicles in great, certified condition at a great price.

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