Tuesday, 28 May 2013

HID Xenon Is Valuable or Vulnerable?

Valuable or Vulnerable

As far as use of HID xenon conversion kit is concerned, there are pros and cons both in using it. If we talk about the perks of HID xenon conversion kits then the above all the advantages, providing bright light which clears the objects on the road and roadsides is the best advantage. It can prevent accidents when you have sufficient light to focus on the road. HID xenon conversion kits are very cheap if we talk about its cost. It is available in the market for as low as $20 per kit, which is incredibly lower in price and most of the people go for it because it is available in different colors and types. The most common type used in the High intensity discharge light is the 6000K color temperature which produces a bright bluish light which attracts most of the people. There is color range from 3000K to 30,000K.

Now on other hand if we talk about HID xenon conversion kits have disadvantages as well. The most dangerous is that it produces glare that could make the oncoming traffic blind and the facing drive cannot be able to see clearly, though you can see anything clearly but making other blind by your bright light will not help in preventing accidents, rather a big bang