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What You Need to Know About Harley Softail Saddlebags

What are they?

Harley Softail bags are easy to use and convenient bags that you normally attach under the saddle of a Softail motorbike. There are normally two saddlebags for motorbikes, one on the left and one on the right. They are used to carry a variety of things and are an essential piece of kit on long journeys. Specifically designed for a Harley Davidson Softail motorbike, they fit perfectly and work well.

How to use

Softail saddlebags are easy to mount onto your bike and once that is done, all you have to do is put your belongings into them, secure the bag and ride away. The saddlebags are positioned on the rear of the bike, over the fender bolt area. After cleaning this area, you should put on the spacers that will stop the bags from sitting on the exhaust pipe. There should be a few items that come with the saddlebags when you buy them such as a fender mounting bracket, which needs to be attached first. The saddlebags will have both bolt holes and mounting holes on them, and these need to be aligned with the bolt area and the mounting bracket respectively. Once the bolt it in position, make sure to tighten it and make sure it is secure. The same thing is then done to the second bag until both are installed on the bike. It is important to make sure that you check all parts are secure through every step of installing the saddlebags to make sure they are safely attached. It is also a good idea to take your bike for a quick test drive to make sure everything runs smoothly and nothing moves about or causes any danger. Once you are sure they are safe, you can load your saddlebags up with whatever items you want to take with you.

How useful are these bags?

Having some Softail bags attached to your bike can be very useful as they allow you to carry around essential items such as spare gloves, towels, oil and various tools that can be used to quickly patch up any problems encountered on the road. What a person has in their saddlebags really depends on their experiences, their journeys and the size of the bags. Some people choose to include things like a first aid kit, extra clothes, duct tape and wire. It is a good idea to take items that will be useful in an emergency, but a saddlebag can also be used as an item of luggage to a certain extent and is equipped to hold almost anything you may want to travel with you.

Why choose them?

Saddlebags for Harley Softail bikes are perfect for this make of bike and are created to fit the model perfectly. The bags are available in a range of different colors, materials, style and sizes so anyone can find one to suit their needs and to carry whatever they need to take with them. They are easy to install by hand and hassle free to use once they are on. They can also be taken off easily if they are not needed. These saddlebags are a great investment for anyone who owns a Harley Softail motorbike.

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