Sunday, 26 May 2013

Prom Night is Here

It is that time of year again when the girls spend up those party dresses and the tuxes flow out the door with a proud mom’s smile and a very light wallet as dad watches junior head to the Prom. On the other side of the coin the girl's dad isn’t happy junior is driving up in his Honda taking his little girl out for “the big night.” The girl’s mom is proud of her little beauty and gives her all the final details of making sure she comes back with everything she left with.
Now you can do all the talking you want to do and you can even be so protective you drive them to the Prom. Of course when they ask you to drop them off a block away you will really feel kind of silly about the entire thing. Let’s face it you are going to go the limousine route like just about everyone else who shows up for the big dance and dinner.
The good news is if you plan it right you won’t be out a whole lot of dough. The key to hiring a limo and having a good time is to share the wealth. Long before the kids go out for the night try to convince junior to make up his mind about who he is taking to the Prom and talk to the other parents in his circle of friends. The reason is you want to get a limo but you want to share the costs.
The average limo in Los Angeles for instance carrying up to 16 passengers will cost anywhere from $420 to $600. If you are fitting the bill by yourself you won’t have to pay nearly that amount because you won’t need a stretch limo. You will just need a car and that is pretty lame for the kids going to the Prom because they want to arrive in style. They should and you can help them do that by renting a stretch with their friends sharing the cost.
Let’s say for instance you hire a mid-range limo company and shell out $500 for the night. This includes up to 16 passengers or eight couples for a six hour run and covers the gratuity as well. Prices will vary and so will the requirements but this is pretty basic when it comes to the Prom night. Let us also say you are going to book just five couples or ten kids. Your cost will be about $50.00 per couple which is less than renting a really nice rental car for the evening.
Not a bad choice and you can go higher and you can go lower. Your choice and shoot for a consensus of the parents and book it. Now with this type of deal you may have to supply some of the refreshments but not in all cases. Since you won’t be having booze in the deal your cost may even be cheaper. Get the company to supply some soda’s and some basic amenities such as chips, peanuts, candy or whatever your group is into. It doesn’t have to be elaborate but it doesn’t have to be from the local mini-mart either.
Give them a great time, a fun time and don’t let the thing break your bank. The cost of the limo will be one of the easier things your pocket will handle if you just work on cooperation with both the kids and the other parents. Your limo server wants you to return again so they will work with you if you just ask.
Phillip Sampson is a professional blogger that enjoys providing information for transportation and rentals. He writes for 4 Leaf Limo,  a top limo rental in Austin and Austin limo service.