Thursday, 30 May 2013


People are shifting from regular replacement bulbs to white light or clear light halogen bulbs as they want that cool look of HID, HID being an expensive item can forced people to pay more and not everyone can afford the new car look in their cars, all the sports manufactures are giving build in HIDs in cars for better light conditions,

Well if I say that I have a manufacture that manufactures high quality HIDs in cheap price will you buy it? You will defiantly give it a though, and what if I say that I can get you a HID supplier which can give you a H4 High low DC in 12$!!! How does this sound,

Recently I came in communication with a hid xenon kit supplier which is being exporting high end HIDs to distributors which sells them to consumers, these distributers take add 100 to 500% there margin and sell the same stuff for 100 -500 $ now here is the opportunity that you can avail and get rid from those nasty halogens and came back in cool look HID world.