Sunday, 14 July 2013

Which car looks better having HID kits?

Hid kits are installed in cars to make them look better and to do so people replace their Halogen lamp as it looks quite boring and dull having yellow color light!

Use of HID kits is now witnessed by many major brands out there. Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Honda and etc they all have now factory installed HID kits installed which gives a brighter light than halogen yellow color light.

As far as best fit match for HID kits is concerned, so with our research and experience we have come up with a result that BMW with the projector and angel eyes looks better than any other car out with the HID xenon kits. Well BMW has its own projector lens which works best with the headlamp of BMW flagship. BMW is the finest car with HID xenon projector lens factory installed and looks perfectly amazing while you are having it equipped with Daytime Running lights. High intensity discharge light is not allowed in some countries but if you have proper angle setting of the beam and it is passed all required standards then there is no harm having it in your beloved car. for more detail visit now