Thursday, 18 April 2013

Cars Suppliers In Worldwide

China has now become the central manufacturing unit for the world yet many automobile or car manufacturers are hesitant to manufacture their parts or vehicles from china due to a quality concerns. The same thing you may observe in the aftermarket as well but the here the ratio of Chinese manufactured parts over other parts are much better.

In the aftermarket, we mainly find the Chinese manufactured parts and to some extend we don’t care about it as well. Chinese manufacturers may provide OEM quality products at much cheaper prices than the genuine ones.

Currently, many Chinese brake pad suppliers are exporting their products to Europe, USA, Middle East & Asian Countries and making their space in the international market very rapidly. Despite all the stereotyping, the Chinese manufacturers are positive and not only manufacturing the aftermarket parts but they also have the potential to provide their parts to world’s leading automobile manufacturers globally.

Recently, there was a study conducted internationally about the Chinese brake pads in which it indicates that 13% of Chinese brake pads manufacturers had sub standard products whereas rest were up to the mark. When there are so many suppliers of same product it become real difficult to identify the best parts that is where online B2B portals may help you to get connect with reliable suppliers globally.