Friday, 1 February 2013

Brake parts manufacture to follow new Requirements to Trade.

The automotive manufacturers play a very important part in the total economic sector of any country,

As we all know that how China has gained a subsequent position in this market, other markets have set new requirements for all the manufactures to follow all around to globe to be followed.

Followings are the requirements of the government for an automotive brake pad manufacturer.
One must follow his own SAE standard with a unique code which will help the importers all around the globe to identify the suppliers and the supplies quality.
Noise free and dust free as much as possible to manage the minimum damage certifications for all the manufacturers and suppliers.
New sanctions have been placed on the countries whose trade comprises of 30 % of total trade from the auto parts trade sector like China and Japan.

All Aftermarkets parts to be imported in any country should hold its unique brand name and resemblance with other brand in any means will be accounted for brand infringement or replica product.
All Auto bulbs suppliers must follow the regulation by their local auto parts association and maintain their quartz glass quality for international trade.



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