Sunday, 3 February 2013

HID Xenon Kits Performance Over Conventional Halogen Lamps

HID xenon kit suppliers are worried about its legislation in different western countries where it is most demanded. HID Xenon crystal lights are quite a recent development in automobile lighting technology industry where it is being adopted by masses. The HID stands for High Intensity Discharge Which uses Xenon gas, it refers to the unique way in which the bulbs produce their light. Unlike ordinary halogen headlight bulbs, HID xenon conversion kits do not contain a conventional metal filament.
So in order to burn the xenon gas and metal halide within the glass bulb a very high voltage spark is required which is provided by two electrodes rods inside the ballast available in the conversion kits. This high voltage is used to produce the spark approximately 20,000 volts, this is significantly higher than a car's normal 12 volt supply and so a metal box, which is known as ballast unit, and it is fitted to aid in boosting the voltage. 


As soon as spark has been produced and the bulb is lighted the voltage drops down to a steady 85 volts quickly. The xenon gas (main feature of HID Xenon crystal light) belongs to the group of elements known as the noble gases (Xenon gas), and is held within a single sealed crystal tube above the base of the xenon lamp. When ignited the xenon helps to produce a beam that is 400% brighter than the conventional halogen lamp, and because the light is also much whiter (in some cases the blue color) it more closely resembles natural daylight or the neon light. The bulbs used in HID xenon crystal light typically last around 4000 to 5000 lumen hours and when they do finally fail them normally give a warning by flickering intermittently before eventually failing to light up at all to avoid any adverse circumstances.
It is also possible that you change these xenon bulbs yourself, however because of the high voltages associated with HID systems always make sure the electrical power is off, and if you are at all unsure arrange to have the work carried out by a qualified mechanic or auto technician, so it is preferred. When buying replacement HID bulbs you may be surprised at their high price (usually expensive), especially when compared to conventional halogen headlight bulbs, however they do not have to be replaced in pairs and because of their exceptional service product life they do still offer great value for money savings. There is also now a growing range of upgrade HID xenon bulbs that allow you to customize the night time appearance of your car and make it look more stylish.



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