Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Types Of Limousines: Which One Suits Your Needs?

When most people think of a limousine, they envision the standard black or white stretch limo, which is by far the most popular among people seeking a convenient and practical limousine experience without all the extra features or glitzy designs. However, there are various types of limousines, including those with more elaborate and luxurious designs. There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing the perfect limo for any occasion, whether it be an extravagant party, a formal get-together, or simply a fun ride. There are even limousines made specifically to accommodate a traveling family in need of something with space and entertainment.

Jacuzzi Limousines

The name says it all. The Jacuzzi limousine offers its occupants a space with a hot tub, which is perfect for customers seeking a fun, yet relaxing experience during their ride. It is also ideal for couples sharing a romantic voyage with a whirlpool to inspire closeness. Jacuzzi Limousines are typically available in convertible style, which prevents heat and steam from becoming trapped inside the vehicle and causing discomfort for the occupants. Therefore, anyone planning on riding in a Jacuzzi limousine will want to check the whether beforehand. There's nothing like a rainstorm to spoil a ride with an open top or a chill in the air to prickle a wet body.

Hummer Limousines

The hummer limousine is best for larger groups of people looking to start the party before they arrive or continuing the fun as they make their way home. The inside of the vehicle is more spacious than a typical stretch limousine or a convertible limo. The hummer limousine has a very modern design, often with vertically rising doors. This limo may offer anything from a wet bar to a large screen TV and a club experience with colorfully lighted ceilings and an audio system for playing music.

SUV Limousines

The SUV Limousine is ideal for a family looking for a child-friendly ride. These vehicles are spacious enough for a group of up to six people who will be requiring more than a typical SUV can offer. This limo will often include a space for strollers and diaper bags, as well as a compartment for other types of luggage. A Family with a baby or a toddler can appreciate a space with hooks for a car safety seat to keep their little one protected during the ride. The SUV limousine offers entertainment to keep the whole family occupied during their ride, including Wi-Fi internet, a DVD player with sound-isolating headphones, satellite TV, and radio stations.

Old-Fashioned Limos

Often referred to a "classic limousine," the old fashioned limo provides an elegant atmosphere for those attending a more formal event. The romantic, antiquated design can really set the mood for a lavish wedding, or make a statement of class and taste upon one's arrival at a black tie banquet. It can also be a pleasant way to surprise a loved one as she steps through the doorway on her anniversary and is greeted by a strikingly elegant ride, waiting to whisk her off to a charming celebration she'll never forget.

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