Monday, 25 November 2013

Maintaining your vehicle

Transportation is life’s requirement. We all need to travel from one place to another place on daily basis. There are many ways to travel; there are many ways to travel. There are airways, railways, seaways and road ways. Travelling by road is most common way to travel. We daily use roads to commute. When you commute from road you may be using a public transport or your own transport. There are many vehicles that are being in the transportation system. if you own a engine vehicle , it is very necessary to take proper care and maintain your vehicle. A proper maintenance schedule not only increases runtime of your vehicle, it also adds a feature of safety to your life. If you own a vehicle here are some tips for you.
First you must keep your vehicle clean by washing it.
Always check and make notes for engine oil.
Check brakes and brakes fluids
Check tire balance and tire rotation
inspect spark plugs.
Tighten nut bolts
inspect timing chains and other parts that rotates. Trailers or semi trailer as they are made to travel long distance and to run for continuous long hours, it is very important to maintain the trailer so that any hassles or hindrance can be avoided during the travel. If you own a big vehicle like trailer or semi trailer, it is more suitable to get some extra Semi Trailer Parts with you on a long distance travel so that you can replace the faulty parts by reading from manual. As Semi Trailer Parts are not easily available everywhere or sometimes you don’t get the compatible spare part to replace the faulty one.